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Chain Style Row Counter- Wine/Olive

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A stylish beaded row counter that counts 1-10 and is all connected together in a chain style piece.

Keep track of your knitted rows, increases, or decreases in style with this beaded row counter. I use soldered rings and a wrapped loop to keep the markers from snagging the yarn. Counter hangs right from your knitting needles and DOUBLES AS A STITCH MARKER. As you knit just change to the next numbered counter to track the change you have made. Designed to help you keep track of where you are at in the pattern you are working on.

Rings will fit up to a size 10 1/2US needle. They can be made for smaller or larger needles upon request.

COUNTER MEASURES 16 1/2 inches. Use the clasp to clip extra markers out of your way and to condense the piece when not in use.

ANY SET CAN BE DONE IN ANY COLOR. I love doing custom orders!