Magnetic Tribal Elephant Portuguese Knitting Pin | Gift for Knitters | Knitting Yarn Holder

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The tribal elephant magnetic knitting pin is perfect for those knitters that knit using the Portuguese knitting method. Keep your knitting fun and exciting with a little pretty on the side.

•Magnet holding power is 8lbs.
•Place the magnet back on the inside of your shirt & beaded pin on the outside of the shirt and you are all set.
•Helps you get even tension on your yarn while knitting using the Portuguese style.
•Pin also makes a great ID badge holder.
•No holes in your shirts from traditional pins.
•Yarn slides through a clasp hook or attach your work badge here.

♥♥SPECIAL DEAL- Add 6 matching snag free stitch markers to your order  (see purchasing options)
*stitch markers will fit knitting needles up to US10

Pin length: 2.5 inches
Pin width: 1.5 inches
Magnet pull force is 8lbs.

*********** Not recommended for persons with pacemakers.************

- ID badge holder
- eyeglass holder
- stitch marker holder